Healthperm is a healthcare recruitment business, which has been established to address the significant shortfalls in healthcare professionals in the UK and the UAE. The objective is to become a trusted provider of permanent experienced nurses and other healthcare professionals initially from the Philippines into the UK and the UAE.

The Proposed Directors consider that in recent years UK healthcare recruitment firms have tended to focus on the supply of temporary or locum staff into healthcare providers in the UK. Whilst this is a short-term solution, it is expensive and does not address the longer term staffing issues of the healthcare sector. In addition, the supply of temporary healthcare staff and, in particular, its cost, is receiving greater scrutiny from the NHS and government procurement departments. The resulting restriction on the use of temporary healthcare staff is now creating increased demand for permanent employees.

The Proposed Directors believe that the recruitment of permanently employed overseas healthcare professionals is more effective, both from a cost perspective and in providing a solution to the long-term staffing shortages of the UK and UAE healthcare markets and beyond.

According to WHO statistics, there are five million vacancies for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals in the global permanent healthcare recruitment market. The UK and the UAE are showing strong growth and there is clear demand for healthcare professionals, which is not currently being met locally.

There are an estimated 200,000 unemployed nurses in the Philippines, which provides a strong supply of quality, qualified and available nurses. The country has many well established nursing schools, especially in and around the capital, Manila which provide students with a high quality of training which is viewed positively around the world. There is a strong track record of the recruitment of Philippine nurses into the UK and the UAE.


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